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      2. 湖北鴻錦機電設備有限公司 歡迎您!
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              公司現有員工45人,其中工程技術人員15人, 管理人員3人,占地面積4500平方米。擁有固定資產近300多萬元,擁有數控加工車床、銑床、鉆床、電火花切割機等各類設備數十臺。



            Hubei Hong Jin Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional intelligent conveyor equipment of high-tech private enterprises, production and service of the company since its inception has been committed to the professional intelligent conveyor equipment and exhaust system; always adhere to carry forward the "integrity, innovation, unity" for business purposes, to technical service for the community the spirit of the founding, and formed a complete set of design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, training, maintenance of one-stop service system. Products include: car (EMS), tail gas collecting and row system (SP Series), transmission lines, light crane wire rope traction (KBK), ground transportation line, RGV transport trolley and turning machine, plate chain, lifts, Technology Sliding track、AUDIT 、High speed roller equipment etc.. At the same time the company has a number of professional after-sales service personnel, to ensure that the first time for customers to resolve worries. My company and many well-known brands at home and abroad to establish a good and stable partnership, is gradually accumulated their talent, technology and brand advantages. And has worked with SHOWWORKS, SEW, CMCO, Engineering design and Research Institute of PLA General Armament Department, VAHLE, etc.. The company has a comprehensive technical team, has 3 senior engineers and 12 professional and technical qualification engineers, and has a wealth of experience in the construction team to meet customer requirements for the installation accuracy of the product;

            Company's existing staff 45 people, including engineering and technical personnel 15 people, management personnel 3 people, covers an area of 4500 square meters. With a fixed assets of nearly about 3000000 Yuan, with CNC machining centers, lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, EDM, such as dozens of various types of equipment.

            Company to promote the development of the industry as its own responsibility, adhere to the "quality is higher than all, customer satisfaction as the goal," the purpose, to provide users with first-class products and services.

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